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Century Landscaping Co. Inc. offers a complete range of installation services. Our experienced crews are capable of installing anything you can imagine; from brick patios to bluestone courtyards; from an outdoor kitchen to the soothing babble of a waterfall and pond...

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Design Process

We provide planning and designs for new homesite development and renovations of existing landscapes. At Century Landscaping our design process is very thorough and comprehensive. We want to gather as much input from our customers...

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Century Landscaping offers complete and professional landscape design and installation services. Whether its brick and stone paving, retaining walls or plantings, contact our experienced team of registered landscape architects, designers and technicians...

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Protecting Your Evergreens From Winter Damage
Last year's winter was a reminder of how tough the weather in Wisconsin can be.. The evergreen shrubs and trees in our yards suffered the worst damage we have seen in years. A late fall drought and the early freezing of the soil left our landscapes in an unfavorable place right from the start. The one thing you can always count on here is that the weather is ever-changing, so it is best to prepare our landscapes for winter's challenges. There are a few quick and easy things you can do now to prevent winter damage later. 1.  Water your evergreen shrubs and trees until the ground freezes:  This allows the plant to start the winter fully hydrated, moisture lost during the winter...
The Art of Edible Landscaping
My mom was a trendy gardener before her time. A vegetable from a can never crossed my lips my entire childhood. I was shocked early in my marriage to find canned peas were a strange shade of green, loaded with salt and "mushy"! Seriously, who would eat this stuff? Turns out, almost everyone does. Today's homeowner wants more from their landscape than just a foundation planting and a shade tree. Edible landscaping integrates food plants into your new or existing ornamental gardens, providing you with beautiful plants, as well as, a sustainable food source. My mom grew up on a farm so she had skills most of us just don't have, but she she managed to raise six kids on a half acre in the...
Casualties to the Bitter Cold and How your Landscape can be Affected
The end of January is approaching quickly.  It seems as though winter has been upon us for many months, a typical Wisconsin winter.  The cold and snow this year will certainly have an effect on your landscape.  Frost moved into the soil early this year.  The snow cover as insulation helps to stabilize the root systems for most of our plants, however, this also reduces the amount of soil moisture available to evergreen trees and shrubs.  This can have an adverse affect on evergreens, especially those planted within the last calendar year.  It will be important as soon as the thaw occurs to monitor your soil moisture around these plants.  If there is a dry spring day it is...
Killing Your Plants- When It’s the Best Thing to Do
Every day I pick plants for clients that are unique to their landscaping needs and that will thrive and flourish for years.  The irony is that when it comes time to update an existing landscape the first thing I must convince a client is that some some plants need to go.  Those cute little plants that they lovingly planted 15 years ago have become house eating monsters and I am going to vanquish them. Walk out to the road side in front of your home and look back.  If all you see are over grown shrubs and thickets of crowded evergreens it's time to consider what a little updating can do for your home's curb appeal. Plants that crowd your front walk, grow over windows or...
An Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace Can Change Your Plain Patio into a Destination Spot
A fire pit or outdoor fireplace are great additions to compliment anyone's back yard landscape.  Either can be easily incorporated into your existing landscaping or added to create an entirely new outdoor room that will extend your time outside when the evening becomes chilly. A cozy fire in your new outdoor area will draw you outside time and time again.  So many clients comment on how they spend so many evenings outside now that they have an outdoor living area.  This is one of the best compliments any landscaper can receive! Fire pits and fireplaces come in an endless variety of sizes, shapes and materials that will fit your budget, landscape design and lifestyle.  Some...
Great Plants for the Winter Garden
There are some plants that really show off their best features in the dead of winter, granted competition is a bit on the slim side when it’s freezing out and there is a blanket of snow on the ground, but adding one of these frosty charmers to your garden will really enhance the beauty of your winter garden. Firebird Crabapple – Malus sargentii ‘Select A’ Firebird is a crabapple of a smaller stature, but a lot of visual value is packed in this little tree.  Fragrant white flowers cover the tree in spring, followed by a bountiful crop of tiny, brilliant red crabapples.  These little red gems will hold along the branches all winter long, adding a bright pop of red to your...
Leaf Spot/ Leaf Drop
This spring was one of the wettest and coolest springs we can remember. Many of you have noticed that the foliage of many plants developed more spotting and discoloration than usual. Also, there are trees that started to drop leaves earlier than expected. This was primarily due to the outbreak of fungi this year. The cool damp weather this spring and early summer were perfect growing conditions for fungi. However, there is usually no need to worry about the health of your plants, this is usually not a fatal problem. Next year your trees, shrubs and perennials will leaf out and perform as usual. People often ask us what can be done about this problem? This is a tough answer. Once a fungus...
Fall Landscaping/Renovations
We are moving into our fall season now, and yet, there is still plenty of time left for your landscaping projects.  At Century Landscaping, we typically work until the ground freezes. Fall is a great time to renovate an existing landscape. At this time of year we can do the work with minimal disruption to your outdoor living season. Do you have an old concrete patio? Perhaps now is the time to replace it with a new natural brick or stone patio. Is your current outdoor living space to small to accommodate your lifestyle? Perhaps we can add to the space and update it with the addition of a fireplace or fire pit, a built-in grill center or a pergola. We would love to come out and talk with...
Fall Maintenance Tips
Lawn Tips Our cool season turf grasses love the fall temperatures and extra rainfall autumn brings to Wisconsin. September through October is the best time to apply your last application of turf fertilizer and broadleaf herbicide if needed. The grass is growing more quickly now and needs the extra nitrogen to stay green and healthy as well as store nutrients to get through the cold winter ahead. Lower your mowing height to 2.5” for the last 2 cuttings of the year. Grass will continue to grow even in cold weather until the ground freezes. Lowering your mowing height will help prevent snow mold and vole damage from occurring during the winter months. A shorter lawn warms up quickly in...
Spring Plant Pick: Ann Magnolia
Finally Spring is here!  After the long, cold, barren winter, the daffodils and tulips are starting to pop up and grass is turning that sumptuous shade of green that can only happen in Spring.  One of my favorite Spring blooms is not from a fall planted bulb but from a tree of a smaller stature that will fit in almost any garden and can be planted right now. Ann Magnolia may be small in size but its display of blooms is a real showstopper.  The large, deep pink blossoms appear before the leaves unfurl, providing an impressive show of color along the soft gray branches of the plant. Ann Magnolia is also a good choice for our more unpredictable Spring temperatures.  The flowers open...