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Design Process

We provide planning and designs for new homesite development and renovations of existing landscapes. At Century Landscaping our design process is very thorough and comprehensive. We want to gather as much input from our customers as possible so that we can provide you with a final plan that encompasses all your needs and is tailored to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

Landscaping Plan

1. Initial On-Site Consultation

The purpose of our first meeting with you is to determine your short and long-term goals. We are looking for your input about favorite plants, what type of hardscaping materials you would like to use (brick, stone, masonry) and landscape features you would like to see (arbors, water features, fire pits/fireplaces etc.). We would also like to know what type of outdoor activities you and your family enjoy and how you would like to use your new space.

2. Site Analysis

During the site analysis we visit your home and take the necessary measurements of the house and yard to accurately locate all of the existing features that will effect the planning of your new landscape.

3. Conceptual Landscape Planning

This is the phase of the planning process where pencil meets paper. Your information and our expertise are put together to develop a custom plan to suit your lifestyle. The site planning will include the layout of patios, walks, planting beds and plantings, driveways (if necessary), and activity centers if applicable.

4. Conceptual Design/Cost Analysis Meeting

This meeting will take place at your home. This is the first draft of your plan. We will discuss the hardscape material choices (brick, stone, masonry etc.), plant selection, and how the various spaces in the landscape relate to each other and your lifestyle. We will discuss the various cost estimates related to the each phase of installation. Your input is invaluable during this phase.

5. Revisions/Final Planning

Plans are revised and final costs of construction are estimated.

6. Final Presentation

This meeting is held to review final plans. We will also discuss the pricing and timing of the implementation of your new landscape.