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Great Plants for the Winter Garden

There are some plants that really show off their best features in the dead of winter, granted competition is a bit on the slim side when it’s freezing out and there is a blanket of snow on the ground, but adding one of these frosty charmers to your garden will really enhance the beauty of your winter garden.

Firebird Crabapple – Malus sargentii ‘Select A’Crab Apple

Firebird is a crabapple of a smaller stature, but a lot of visual value is packed in this little tree.  Fragrant white flowers cover the tree in spring, followed by a bountiful crop of tiny, brilliant red crabapples.  These little red gems will hold along the branches all winter long, adding a bright pop of red to your winter landscape.  In spring the returning robins and cedar waxwings gobble up the remaining fruit just before it begins to flower again.

Height: 10’ Spread 15’ Zone 3   Full Sun

 Red Majestic Corkscrew Hazelnut – Corylus avenllana ‘Red Majestic’

Red Majestic HazelnutThe branches are swirls of intricate designs that only get better looking with a dusting of snow
on The burgundy foliage on Red Majestic Hazelnut adds another season of interest to the standard
green leaf of Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick Plant.  The large crinkled leaves emerge in spring a
dark burgundy and deepen to the deep green with burgundy highlights.  However, even with the
added color in the foliage, this is a plant that looks it’s best when it’s naked!  The twisted, curlicue branches are amazing in winter.Red Majestic Hazelnut Winter

The branches are swirls of intricate designs that only get better looking with a dusting of snow on them.  In late winter pink and purple catkins are formed and hang from the branches like little ornaments.  Truly a plant that gets more interesting as winter deepens.

Height & Spread:  6-10′ Zone 4 Full Sun to Part Shade

Graziella Maiden Grass – Miscanthus sinensis ‘Graziella”

Graziella Maiden Grass


This grass has a stiff upright habit that can withstand a lot of winter snow.  Graziella is an early blooming grass, red tassels form in August and ripen to large, fluffy, plumes of white.  This grass has a neat upright vase form and smaller over-all size that makes it a great choice for any landscape.  Planted in a small grouping or a large mass this grass will give you a lot of plant performance with very little effort or cost.

Height: 5’  Spread 4’  Zone 5  Full Sun


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