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Killing Your Plants- When It’s the Best Thing to Do

Over grown home pic

A home where plantings need to be replaced. They are over grown and taking away from the home’s curb appeal.

Every day I pick plants for clients that are unique to their landscaping needs and that will thrive and flourish for years.  The irony is that when it comes time to update an existing landscape the first thing I must convince a client is that some some plants need to go.  Those cute little plants that they lovingly planted 15 years ago have become house eating monsters and I am going to vanquish them.

Walk out to the road side in front of your home and look back.  If all you see are over grown shrubs and thickets of crowded evergreens it’s time to consider what a little updating can do for your home’s curb appeal.

landscaping plantings

A home with new landscape plantings. With new plantings this home looks well maintained.

Plants that crowd your front walk, grow over windows or cover the stone on your home are decreasing the value and appeal of your home.  Landscaping should always accentuate and highlight your home; adding value and interest to one of the largest investments most people will ever make.

Most landscapes will need renovations every 10-15 years.  This can be limited to some heavy pruning and removing a few shrubs or as involved as installing all new foundation plantings.

A landscape designer can walk through your yard with you and help determine which plants can be saved and which plants should go in order to best improve the look of your home.  Plant materials are constantly being improved for bright leaf color, extended bloom time and hardiness.

Your designer can help you choose new plants that will give you year round interest and charm.  Making a few changes to your front yard landscaping can be simple and give your home a quick and amazing make over that will add value and beauty for years to come.

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