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Spring Plant Pick: Ann Magnolia

Ann Magnolia 2Finally Spring is here!  After the long, cold, barren winter, the daffodils and tulips are starting to pop up and grass is turning that sumptuous shade of green that can only happen in Spring.  One of my favorite Spring blooms is not from a fall planted bulb but from a tree of a smaller stature that will fit in almost any garden and can be planted right now.

Ann MagnoliaAnn Magnolia may be small in size but its display of blooms is a real showstopper.  The large, deep pink blossoms appear before the leaves unfurl, providing an impressive show of color along the soft gray branches of the plant.

Ann Magnolia is also a good choice for our more unpredictable Spring temperatures.  The flowers open a few weeks later than the traditional saucer magnolia, preventing a late frost from damaging the flower buds.  During the Summer the leaves are a shiny medium green, and the bark is a soft gray that shows up nicely set against an evergreen back-drop in the winter months.

This compact magnolia is a great choice for year-round beauty, and one of my favorite plants.  It will grow to approximately 10’ in height and width, and performs well in full sun to part shade.  Ann Magnolia is hardy in zones four through eight and has no serious pests or diseases making it a great choice for many landscape designs.

– Wendy


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